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Art Consulting

Visual Forest is an art vendor company with a long experience in art and technology. We specialise in realtime VFX and Textures for computer games. We have been in charge of the VFX for a large number of high profile titles like Mad Max, Sea of Thieves, Dirt 3 etc.

We offer:

  • Realtime particle creation in Unreal or any other engine.

  • Complex animated texture generation simulated in HoudiniFX, Embergen, FumeFX, Fusion FX, After Effects etc.

  • Skyboxes. We have a long experience in photographing and matte painting skyboxes but today we mainly render them in 3D applications like Terragen and Houdini. We have heavy duty simulation machines with 64 CPU cores, 256GB RAM, 3090 RTX GPUs.

  • In our slow motion studio and outside we can film water, smoke, fire with our 2 cinema grade RED 8K Helium and Phantom 4K VEO990 super slow motion cameras (1000fps raw in 4k). This means we can reach an unusually high realism in our textures that cannot be simulated

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